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Sakara Life Weight Loss: Program Review

Build a toned, beautiful, healthy body in time for summer with Sakara's coveted 4-week nutrition and fitness experience. The Best Body Challenge Diet is a complete program that includes not only 2-3 delivered meals per day (Mon-Fri), but also access to studio barre classes, personalized coaching and a to die for workout outfit. And who wouldn’t like to lose weight by eating a Yoga Bunny Breakfast Muffins or Goji Berry Donuts?? I can promise you that this completing this program will not only get you ever more excited about the summer, but will have you glowing from inside out.

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A Day In The Sakara Life 10-Day Reset: Review

The 10-Day Reset is a complete kit of essential products and exclusive recipes designed to help you live the Sakara Life experience from your own kitchen! Need some inspiration? Let a day in my diet be your guide…

I decided to give you a personal insight into a sample day while I’m on the Sakara10-Day Reset Plan. I usually eat very healthy, but have lately reached a plateau (again). In order to push my body to the next milestone and reach my diet goals, I have decided to give this plan another round. By the time I go to Hawaii this summer, I would like to shed off that extra stubborn fat while toning my body. So, how does a day in my diet look like? Keep on reading!

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