Sakara Life Weight Loss: Program Review

As you shop for that perfect swimsuit for your upcoming getaway, I’m sure you’re also thinking about how to get into shape and tone your body in time for summer. I wanted to share with you a powerful 4-Week Nutrition and Fitness program by Sakara that will keep you tempted to keep eating and training this way long after the vacay season. This time, the fabulous Whitney and Danielle co-founders, have taken their signature plant-based diet to the next level, by partnering up with Carbon38 and Ballet Beautiful - all Victoria’s Secret and celebrity beloved brands. Build a toned, beautiful, healthy body in time for summer! The Best Body Challenge Diet is a complete program that includes not only 2-3 delivered meals per day (Mon-Fri), but also access to studio barre classes, personalized coaching and a to die for workout outfit. And who wouldn’t like to lose weight by eating a Yoga Bunny Breakfast Muffins or Goji Berry Donuts?? I can promise you that this completing this program will not only get you ever more excited about the summer, but will have you glowing from inside out.

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Being healthy and fit should make you vibrant, not restricted.

Sakara is shifts the paradigm of healthy eating. The beautiful and sexy meals are delicious and vibrant. It’s all about the delight that comes from wellbeing while feeling satisfied at the same time. So hey, not only you get in shape with the Best Body Challenge program, but also enjoy instagrammable meals that are nourishing, fresh, and inherently healthy. All this whole month of goodness without having to cook or worry about calories (ever)! Add in becoming a part of an inspiring barre community and wearing a high-style gym outfit. See, getting in shape could not sound any better.


Results: toned, beautiful, healthy body.

And you may be wondering, okay, but what are the actual results and how do I know this plan will work for me? These meals truly helped me to achieve the best body I’ve ever had. Not only have I lost the extra few pounds that creeped in over the year (lost 7lbs while on the BBC program last year; from 125lbs to 118lbs at 5’8.5’’), but I have had the best time ever while doing it. Following the Sakara challenge and seeing my body transform was a rewarding and refreshing experience, unlike the starving, dreadful process of following most other restrictive diets (i.e. keto). With Sakara, my skin complexion became even and glowy, my hair got stronger, my body was toned and I was full of energy! Because the quality of Sakara meals is so superior, consisting of locally sourced organic produce, your body will feel nourished and satisfied even while losing weight during the process.


Beautiful, Healthful Meals

For Sakara, healthy means wholesome plant-rich meals that are also delicious and satisfying. I really enjoyed their rainbow-drenched, flavorful, nutrient-dense recipes and actually changed my own cooking habits to incorporate more leafy greens, lentils and colorful vegetables into my daily routine long after trying out their program last year. By embracing a new routine that included following complete nutrition program, I learned how to practice healthy routine and focus on self-love. I don’t see food the same, and when I go out, I always look for the rainbow color in foods now. I crave the flavor of nourishment. I don’t crave sweet, or buttery or salty, only the flavors that make my body feel healthy and clean. And it is truly the best feeling I could wish for on any diet or meal program as I otherwise have a hard time dealing with my nibblings.


Yoga Bunny Breakfast

carrot + raisin + walnut muffin w/ a lemongrass butter

Contains: Carrots, Coconut Milk, Almond Flour, Coconut Sugar, Blueberries, Oat Flour, Coconut Oil, Walnuts, Dried Tart Cherries, Lemon Juice, Flax Meal, GF Rolled Oats, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Himalayan Sea Salt

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What’s Included


Sakara’s life-changing signature nutrition program


A total-body sculpting and strengthening workout regimen from Ballet Beautiful


A high-style workout look from Carbon38 ($200 value)


Limited-edition Sakara gym tote and barre socks + Energy Bars

Sakara taught me that I should give my body the love that it deserves. When my journey with Sakara began over a year ago, I hardy ever ate plant-based protein or in general vegetarian meals. I thought that it was just this contemporary movement that people who believed in it followed. But I quickly learned just how much food can really affect how I feel on a daily basis. And it turned out that these nutrient-dense, colorful foods had everything to do with it. I would say that Sakara is for girls (ok boys too), who really enjoy beautiful, delicious AND satisfying meals. And if you want to reach your health and wellbeing goals this summer, there’s no better way than with nurturing habits that Sakara will help you build during the 4-Week Best Body Challenge. Have no time do do full 4 week? Check out my review of the Sakara 10 Day Reset Program.

XO, Karina