Sakara Life 3-Day Cleanse Diet: Model Review

Anyone with summer body goals?! While the summer is here at it’s peak, I thought it would be a good idea to detox and to give my body a proper nutritional reset. I had an amazing experience with Sakara Life when I tried the 10-Day Reseat program, and ever since I have been dying to try more of their products. Their nutrient rich and chef crafted menu was delicious and I did not have to strip down my diet to the bare essentials during this meal program. Did I mention no calorie counting? That’s right, you can still indulge yourself with over-priced dark chocolate while on this plan and even sip on your daily latte. The nutrient dense, colorful meals will help you to break bad habits that you have been building up over the cold months and will enable you to reevaluate your eating patterns with the intention of self-love and reaching your new diet goals by the spring! Read more about my Sakara Life 3-Day Complete Meal Program review in regards to my results and how to incorporate their meal delivery programs into your normal diet routine.

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First Impression

The box arrived on Tuesday night, promptly at the scheduled time. I do live in an apartment complex but the leasing office was so kind to call me and let me know they will keep my box in the fridge until I can pick it up. Well, this was nice of them. The Sakara box is actually generously packed with ice, so there is no need to immediately stick the meals in the fridge upon delivery. That night I was so happy and excited to open my package that I spammed almost all my friends with the stories and pictures of the contents. I was pleasantly surprised that everything in the box was beautifully packaged, with Sakara themed food containers and brochures. I even got an insulated grocery bag, which I will definitely use to shop for all the colorful veggies at my local Central Market. The meal plan also came with beauty and detox water, which will actually last me for the entire month or even longer. The kit came with my favorite detox tea - I actually ordered a whole bunch of them from the Clean Boutique on their website as I was in love with the flavor last time I tried the reset program.


No cooking instructions? I’m all for it! The meals were completely cooked through and ready to eat chilled, or re-heated. The boxes were small enough to stick in my purse and eat for lunch while at work. The meal descriptions were well written, with inspiring messages hidden throughout the meals. The re-heating instructions were mostly for oven, which I know is SO much better in terms of preserving the taste and texture of the heated meal. However, I only have a microwave at work, so had to get a bit more creative to re-heat my meals. For me, I wanted to make absolute certain that I had everything I needed to re-heat my meals at work because this is the time of the day when I usually cheat with my meals by either snacking (way too much) or just getting a lunch at my workplace. The plastic containers are not meant to be heated (and honestly re-heating in plastic is so so bad for you/toxic), so definitely have a small bowl/and or plate available at your office when you are on this plan, unless you are okay with eating the meals chilled - which btw still tasted absolutely amazing.

TASTE and aesthetic

The meals were composed of organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner designed for optimal nutrition. Additionally, I have received my favorite morning rose water and nighttime detox. You already know I love these, and the daily detox teas that come with the program. And I have really tried a lot of other teas before - and this one is still my top 3 favorite teas. So the meal plan was absolutely delicious! I will be honest, a lot of the ingredients were very new to me, even though my normal diet is composed of colorfully crafted artisan ingredients. The photo I featured in this post was Blue Majik granola - I have never had it before and GOSH I LOVED IT! It was just so sweet, but tart at the same time. The colors were vibrant and just a small bowl of it kept me full the entire morning. I am very used to consuming all plant-protein meals as I have been experimenting with gluten free, vegan diets for the past several months. I personally really like the taste of greens, sulfur-rich veggies and protein packed legumes. When I first tried these meals, they tasted exceptionally well balanced, yet very vibrant in flavors. This was definitely my favorite part of the plan - Sakara has introduced me to new, contemporary ways to consume vegetables daily that I could maintain well after the 3-Day plan was over.

DIET Results

Let me just start by saying that I normally do not each a 100% plant based meals. While I do try to each mostly vegetarian, organic meals, I do eat meat, small amounts of diary and gluten. When I did the Sakara Life 10-Day Reset program, I saw subtle yet powerful changes in my skin, muscle tone, brain clarity and gut health. The probiotic supplements that came with this program were superior to any other products that I have tried for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, and hence I actually purchased them separately later on. As part of the 3-Day complete meal program, I can tell that my body had transformed again, and gosh I missed it! During the plan, I did not give up my daily dose of caffeine (I’m a real sucker for a good latte) or my fave Hu Kitchen quinoa dark chocolate. I am sure this was not ideal, but I ma not a believer of drastic dietary changes - I prefer more subtle additions to your current diet that can be continued after the detox plan has ended. When I ate the Sakara food, I could tell that my body was nourished and balanced. My metabolism was improved and I saw my tummy de-bloat over 0.5 inch in just three days! I felt more energized than ever before and was able to happily get up every morning for a brisk jog, without feeling sluggish. I was very pleased with the results that this short meal plan delivered:


My Results:

Weight loss aid
Improved hydration
De-bloated stomach
Increased energy
Glowing skin & hair
Cleared impurities in skin


The three day complete nutrition plan was a very well designed program that left me looking to get more out of my diet. I was amazed that with just a few days of entirely different nutrition, my body and beauty was much enhanced. I think this plan is perfect to add an extra boost while you are trying to lose weight, improve skin clarity and tone your muscle in a short period of time. This program has helped me to reach a new horizon as I am trying to shed excess fat before I go on my trip to Miami. While on this diet, I have also tried to exercise at least every other day, mainly doing light jogging and my favorite barre classes. This plan has helped me to keep me on track with portion sizes, while keeping my energy levels high. Strangely, I really miss their detox bars that I have previously tried, and I actually was not a fan of them at first. However, I do think that the spirulina ingredient in these bars was very efficient in suppressing my appetite, especially while keeping my workout routine. During the last two weeks, I have also been trying out dry brushing - oh my! - it really works. Bottom line, the Sakara Life meal plan was such an aesthetic meal plan that actually had very strong dietary benefits. I felt the results of this diet, just in a day - yea, pretty incredible! Overall, I would rate this plan at 9/10 - with the only downfall being containers that are not microwave friendly. This program has left me enlightened in terms of what my body actually needs to thrive. I am almost ready for spring break and will surely continue to incorporate Sakara meals and beauty products throughout the summer to stay on track! Plus it’s such a great deal when you use my exclusive Sakara Discount Code to save on their meal programs and select Clean Boutique items. Cheers to stronger and healthier me!