Sakara Life 10-Day Reset Review + Sakara Discount Code

In this post, I am sharing my honest review of the Sakara Life 10-day Reset Program as it relates to shopping for ingredients, preparing meals and my amazing weight loss results! In the recent post, I have highlighted top reasons for doing a detox diet. Although I somewhat failed at #7 (to give your credit card a break), I have to honestly say that the remaining points were satisfied. Read more about my Sakara Life experience and how I switched to part-vegetarian diet, while maximizing my weight loss and body image goals (Updated July 2019).

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First Impression

The box smells like roses. I’m not kidding! I was pleasantly surprised that everything in the box had a beautiful rose scent to it. No surprise there - everything was Sakara themed and I even got a cute pineapple fridge magnet. There is plenty of products is this kit that will actually last me for the entire month probably (like the beauty and detox waters). I also have a few extra bars left over!

Groceries List

I am not going to lie here - the groceries list was pretty lengthy and I had to make some extra space in my fridge to account for the large number of leafy greens etc. There were also a few ingredients on the list that were a bit difficult to find. But I believe you can get most of them at Whole Foods/ Central Market. It can definitely be a challenge if you do not have access to a large specialty/international store.

Beautiful Cooking

The cooking instructions were very well written - short and sweet! I would say that anyone, even with little experience, could cook these beautiful and all plant-based meals. The cooking time was a bit on the high end for some meals (1hr, some with overnight soaking). But. I was able to pretty quickly identify those meals that took barely 15mins to prep and I would always keep ingredients handy in case I did not have a full hour to cook (such as the goddess dressing kale salad). This way, I could avoid skipping a detox meal aka binging on regular foods.

Sakara 10 Day Reset

The 10-Day Sakara Life DIY Program

Get all the essential tools for a powerful detox with the 10-Day Reset:

1. Life Source Super Powder
2. Daily Probiotic Blend
3. Beauty + Detox Water Drops
4. Detox + Energy Bars
5. Detox Tea
6. Meal plan with 20+ recipes, nutrition guidance and more

So, How’s The Taste

Omg you guys. It was absolutely delicious! So much, that I am actually craving it now! I have very little experience with eating entirely plant-based meals mostly due to the fact that Houston doesn't offer many vegan dining options. Also, cooking these meals requires knowledge of the nutrients in order to meet your dietary requirements. With this meal plan, I was able to cook, eat and relax because I never had to really count calories. It was a very refreshing experience because with most other diets I would have to tweak things here and there to stay within my daily calorie needs. So I think that if you are looking for a quick detox that meets all your body needs and tastes absolutely amazing, this may be a good option for you.

Detox Results

Finally, what happened after 10 days? We read all sorts of claims on these types of diets, right? Well, I can TRULY say that I was amazed with the results that this diet delivered. For first, I did lose 3 lbs weight over the few days, which seems like a great result given the fact that not a single day I felt hungry! Yes, you heard me. It was amazing to feel that my body was nourished with eating only three small meals a day. With that, these meals left me feeling incredibly light and my tummy became super flat. At the same time, I noticed that I was full of energy, yay! I usually sleep about 8 hours a day but with this diet I was actually sleeping only 7 hrs while at the same time feeling much more awake. So if you are struggling with energy levels/ feeling sleepy all the time, it may be a sign that you are missing some key nutrients out of your diet. Lastly, my skin is super clear and it’s definitely more glowy. In a summary, below are my results that I definitely noticed:

Weight Loss
Flat stomach
No starving
Full of energy
Glowy Skin & Hair
Clear Skin

A quick disclaimer: I would probably have even better results if I didn't drink coffee, plus I cheated a couple meals.

Final Thoughts

If you ask me whether I would do it again, I would say absolutely! This meal plan was designed with extreme attention to detail. With that said, every meal felt like it was full of love and nutrients. The beauty waters and daily probiotic were a definite must though, so I would have to order these for sure if I did another detox. The positive side of the price of this diet is that you can keep the recipe book for later use and repeat the reset program whenever you’d like on a minimum budget. Or if you’d like to splurge, why not go for the full delivery program they have. No matter what your reasons are to start a detox diet, a well designed program will leave you with amazing results and you will be craving for more! I would rate my overall experience with Sakara at 9/10. I was not a fan of the detox and power bars as the consistency was very gooey. I wish they tasted more like the RX bars. Also, perhaps instead of the bars, the program could include a recipe or two for a homemade snack - maybe a muffin or some veggie based snack. This would probably lower the cost of the box and would be more enjoyable. The overall results though truly made me appreciate a plant-based diet like never before. I feel amazing in my body and I hope that if you try this, or other detox diet, you will have just as fabulous experience as I’ve had!

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