Citrus Skincare With Plant Based Derma E Products

I usually talk about our diets being the most important aspect of our health. But to bring out your natural glow from within, it’s good to pull it from the surface too! Food can be a medicine not only for your entire body, but also your skin. In everyday routine, it’s so important to feed your skin with Vitamin and Nutrient dense products. Recently, I have learned of a new product line that has helped to keep my nighttime skincare routine in mineral balance. Through their passion for health, wellness and environmental sustainability, Derma E has created a line of skincare products that are potent and transformative. The Vitamin C line utilizes vegan ingredients and concentrated nutrients which offer extremely effective absorption by skin cells. Radiant colors in our foods give us the most energy, and similarly help to regenerate skin for that vibrant glow. Read along to learn more about this sustainable global brand!

— KM

Why is Skin nutrition so important?

The foods we eat and skincare products we use all ultimately affect the way we look. A shortage of vitamins and minerals will exhibit negative effects on how our skin looks over time. We need these nutrients to repair damage from sun exposure and toxins, and to nourish our cells. As we age our nutrients are gradually depleted from our skin and we need to give it an extra boost to sustain youth. Often the lack of proper skincare will result in our cells being polluted with toxins and consequently will give it a dull, saggy look. But fortunately, there are ways to feed your skin all these goodies to keep a fresh radiant complexion. One of the best ingredients out there is Vitamin C, which in turn boosts your Collagen production and results in beautiful glow. As you can imagine, there are a lot of beauty brands out there these days that use these ingredients in their products. But not all of them are created equal, and this is what I love the most about Derma E! They use vegan and natural ingredients that are nourishing to the skin cells and have incredibly potent absorption that translates to more effective re-mineralization of your skin.


vitamin c boosts collagen production

It is so important to replenish Vitamin C daily, and this includes our skin. It’s one of my strongest and favorite skincare habits because I love the citrus scent so much! And the Derma E products definitely deliver. This skincare brand is dermatologist recommended, proven and effective - you know how some of the products out there smell like, kinda chemicals? Well not this one! When I first tried their products, I was pleasantly surprised. As for a somewhat affordable brand, the quality of their line is truly amazing. Because a routine skin intake of vitamins is so important to mitigate aging issues such as wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness, having an attainable product is a game changer for all natural beauty lovers out there. One of the main reasons why I love Vitamin C products, is that they support collagen production in your skin. I already take supplements and consume foods that are rich in vitamins and collagen peptides, but it is all about the complete care. Beauty starts within, but there is nothing like hydrating your skin and improving radiance at the surface level to rid of accumulated pollutants and toxins.


Nighttime ROUTINE we should all be adopting to improve our skin

My morning routine has been pretty great so far, mainly because I just cannot get over cakey, heavy make up and I much prefer a dewy natural look. So what happens when the day is over and it’s time to rid your skin of all these impurities and pollutants accumulated in your skin? Surprisingly, most people simply remove make up with basic remover wipes or cleanser, apply some moisturizer and hop in their beds. Well and with this basic routine, you get basic skin. Sorry, but it’s just the way it is. If you want to truly transform your skin and have your girl friends gawk at your skin during that Saturday brunch, you have to go the extra step. So here is one routine that I recommend if you are down to try some refreshing citrus products to achieve a naturally glowy complexion.

I usually start my nighttime routine by removing excessive makeup with the Vitamin C Brightening Glow Micellar Wipes. This will make it easier to wash your face and will ensure that you are not just smudging the make up deeper into your cells as you wash your face. Then after the excess makeup is off, I use their Micellar Cleansing Water that I apply on a favorite face cleansing brush to wash off all remaining makeup and impurities. But usually after this step, your complexion will still look dull and uneven! So I like to apply a brightening serum, such as the Concentrated Vitamin C Serum by Derma E. I also absolutely love to use a face mask in the evening and loved trying out the Instant Radiance Citrus Peel mask. It has actual citrus peel pieces in it and smells incredibly fresh! The recommended use is once per week, but I would totally do it 2-3 times. The mask is quite strong and in just 3-5 minutes my skin firms and radiates! I also noticed a great improvement in skin complexion, especially when the mask is used at nighttime after removing make up. So as with any peel mask, you need to ensure you are locking in the moisture and radiance in your skin for the long term. The Intense Nighttime Cream by Derma E is packed with potent Vitamin C and probiotics and I love to use it after a strong citrus peel. And just like this, my skin looks even and glowy the next morning and I don’t even need to wear makeup to achieve a very radiant natural glow.


Vitamin C is so powerful because it helps to eliminate pollutants and produce collagen within your skin cells. We all know that toxins and impurities produce an uneven, dull skin. Similarly, lack of adequate collagen production will cause your skin to lose its firmness and shape. That means to protect your skin for the environmental and dietary pollutants, we have to improve our daily AND nighttime skincare routines. I hope that some of the tips I shared with you on a wholesome skincare regimen will give you inspiration to refine your habits and outlook on healthy skin. Glow away these pollutants babes!