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Sakara Life Weight Loss: Program Review + Discount

Build a toned, beautiful, healthy body in time for summer with Sakara's coveted 4-week nutrition and fitness experience. The Best Body Challenge Diet is a complete program that includes not only 2-3 delivered meals per day (Mon-Fri), but also access to studio barre classes, personalized coaching and a to die for workout outfit. And who wouldn’t like to lose weight by eating a Yoga Bunny Breakfast Muffins or Goji Berry Donuts?? I can promise you that this completing this program will not only get you ever more excited about the summer, but will have you glowing from inside out. This limited-time program is only still available for start weeks of May 13, May 20 and May 27 and I am offering 20% OFF to my readers and new Sakara clients, which is a total steal! Oh and a totally perfect Mother’s Day gift (Use code XOKARINA) xo

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A Day In The Sakara Life 10-Day Reset: Review

The 10-Day Reset is a complete kit of essential products and exclusive recipes designed to help you live the Sakara Life experience from your own kitchen! Need some inspiration? Let a day in my diet be your guide…

I decided to give you a personal insight into a sample day while I’m on the Sakara10-Day Reset Plan. I usually eat very healthy, but have lately reached a plateau (again). In order to push my body to the next milestone and reach my diet goals, I have decided to give this plan another round. By the time I go to Hawaii this summer, I would like to shed off that extra stubborn fat while toning my body. So, how does a day in my diet look like? Keep on reading!

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Sakara Life 3-Day Cleanse Diet: Model Review

Anyone with spring body goals?! While I am getting ready for spring break in Miami South Beach, I thought it would be a good idea to detox and to give my body a proper nutritional reset. Read more about my Sakara Life 3-Day Complete Meal Program review in regards to my results and how to incorporate their meal delivery programs into your normal diet routine.

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10 Reasons Why You Need To Detox Before Fall

Entering the last quarter of the season is a reminder that we need to take a look into what our mind and body needs most. And this is to stay healthy during the upcoming holiday season! How many of you have put a ton of work to get chiseled for the summer? I bet you wouldn’t want for all this effort to go to waste when you are so close to the end of this year. Read more about my top 10 reasons why to detox before fall starts.

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