10 Reasons Why You Need To Detox Before Fall

Entering the last quarter of the season is a reminder that we need to take a look into what our mind and body needs most. And this is to stay healthy during the upcoming holiday season! How many of you have put a ton of work to get chiseled for the summer? I bet you wouldn’t want for all this effort to go away when you are so close to the end of this year. I just got back from a late summer vacation and I am not going to lie - my diet had suffered due to the abundance of amazing and hearthy foods in Cali. To keep myself motivated, I decided to try the new Sakara Life 10-day Reset plan that will hopefully help me to stabilize my diet and rejuvenate my body. I am hoping to share with you my honest experience and some ideas for DYI detox meal plan. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my top 10 reasons why you need to detox before the fall starts!

Chia Pudding

1 Prepare Your Body for Holiday Season

Seeing pumpkins and fall décor may gently remind you that the holidays are very near. However, not only the Halloween themes are creeping into our lives. A few extra pounds may creep in as well if you do not plan ahead to compensate for your holiday binge. Yes, we all binge over the holidays - it’s just hard not too when your family and friends bring you all the goodies! But don't worry. You can prepare your body in advance by cleansing it from toxins and resetting your gut. Additionally, a well balanced detox diet can help you shed off this extra weight you may have gained after your summer getaway.

2 Fulfill Your Last Year’s Resolution

If you are health conscious and you care about your body image, you likely established personal goal for this year to either maintain or improve your weight. With a little less than two months to go, you could still see amazing results and reach your goals if you plan ahead and don't let it go as the winter season approaches. Just think how incredible you will feel when you wake up on January 1st and you did it.

3 Encourage Others To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy habits are often contagious. This is why it is increasingly important in modern times not only to be aware of your environment but also to influence those around you. I often feel empowered when seeing my friends and even strangers eat healthy and take care of their body needs. It stands the same for you - eating nutritious foods encourages those around you to become more aware of their body needs and inspires them to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Photo credit Travelle.co

Photo credit Travelle.co

4 Detox Diets Are Hip

We see an increasing number of millennials reaching for detox diets as they are currently trending. We see many Hollywood stars and artists reach for the famous keto or detox diets, with Beyoncé leading the trend and advocating for healthy mean deliveries such as Sakara. There are many health benefits to these diets but even if you are just looking to do something fun or to snap a colorful picture, you can sneak in some of the superfoods into your fridge.

5 Bond with BFF

Love to go out with your best friend? Who doesn't! But there is something intimately bonding when you get together to cook from scratch. Just browsing recipes and getting groceries to make a beautiful salad can be much more rewarding than simply booking a table at a local restaurant. Staying on track with your detox schedule and helping your friend to do so as well can be rewarding not only for your body, but also your long term friendship.

6 Meet New People

As you experiment with wholesome foods, you may run into those who think alike. It’s quite amazing to hear from influencers and others who live a healthy lifestyle, and to learn about their healthy habits. It’s also good to have a few friends up your sleeve who would be up for trying your homemade gluten free, diary free and superfood loaded muffin. Others that you meet along the way will inspire you to make a meaningful lifestyle change or incorporate small changes into your current diet.

7 Give Your Credit Card A Break

If you spent a little too much over the summer or are planning to spoil your close ones with gifts, drinking detox tea may be your best bet in the coming months. Not only does it set your tummy for the day, but it also helps to limit your cravings. Try warm lemon water with freshly sliced ginger and a dash of cayenne pepper to increase your metabolism. Also, most detox diets will limit meats and diary, which means you will likely spend a little less on groceries during this time. This is of course as long as you don't sign up for some fancy detox program like I did. Eating water seems like a great idea to save money.

Lemon Ginger Tea

8 Get Your Nutrients

One of the most important factors to looking and feeling your best is getting all of the different nutrients you need. That means adding extra nutrients to every meal with carefully sourced produce and superfoods can tremendously help with micronutrient deficiencies that cause you to be hungry even if you just ate. Think of adding goji berries, herbs, hemp seeds, chia seeds and spirulina to make the most out of your detox diet. These added nutrients are incredibly important as most of us do not get the recommended daily amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, and getting it from your food is certainly the most effective and potent way to get your daily dose. Hidden hunger is often related to micronutrient deficiency - people eat enough calories, but fail to get essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Most detox recipes will include superfoods that are essential to help you reach your full physical and cognitive potential.

9 Debloat

Detox works wonders in terms of helping your body to naturally get rig of post summer inflammation. Foods like broccoli, cauliflower, kale and diary may be a part of your normal diet - and are by no means bad for you! - but they often cause an inflammation that causes your tummy to bloat. Try to avoid these foods while you try a detox reset and I promise you will see your tummy lose an inch or two in a matter of a couple of days.

10 Try Something Different

Bored of your current meals? Been going to the same restaurants and grocery stores over and over again? Here’s something to try: gather your favorite detox/healthy recipes and make a list of groceries, then find a locally sourced grocery store and grab your partner in crime to go on a scavenger hunt. Have fun cooking and prepping the meals together for the week, while making a creative snapchat. Lastly, once a week, convince a friend to try a new café place that offers organic/local market nutritious foods. Have fun with the varieties that foods have to offer and don't forget to try superfood mocktail - you can find some ideas in the S Mag.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your reasons are, the benefits of detox far outnumber the reasons to storm into the fall season binge eating on pumpkin pie. So why not turn something healthy into something that will bring fulfillment to your body and mind? Stay tuned for my Sakara Life 10-day Reset experience and more post with wholesome foods recipes.

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