About Me

I want to create. One day, I decided that I am going to pursue my love for fashion through influencing others. I never had the time or opportunity to immerse myself into the fashion world because I was devoted to other parts of my life, such as college and later a professional career. I didn't quite notice when my everyday routine became repetitive but I realized that there is something bigger than me.

So I decided to transform my personal life into something different, a more rewarding experience through which I could influence or even inspire others. It’s a long shot to have your voice heard out there, but with the support of my friends, some of my first followers and collaborators, I was able to start doing what I love.

We don’t always notice when our lives become de-saturated. I strive to share moments from my life, relevant to fashion and lifestyle, in order to hopefully inspire someone to live fiercely and appreciate all the delights that come from celebrating your body and mind.

Finally, my blog is designed to not only be a platform for me to share my creative ideas about the fashion world and upcoming trends, but also to give you an intimate look into my insights. I hope that you enjoy my content and that you find it inspiring you to create and live the way you want. I'm sharing self expression through my love for fashion and the beautiful world around us.

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